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Deanna Renee Falge


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What We Are Looking For

(Please note well that the following information is meant to serve as a guideline. We support authors in twisting, bending, and contorting the guidelines to fit their style)

Story goal

Raise global awareness → Induce empathy → Connect humanity → Inspire action


1. Traveler (must be traveling outside of home country)


1. Written, photographed, and/or filmed story about a particular part of the world that the author traveled to.

2. Author can choose to take a either a journalistic or creative non-fiction approach to their story.

3. Author includes their personal travel experience in relation to the topic

4. Story content outside of personal experience is factual. Content may be validated by interviews, observations, online research, etc

5. Content engages and sparks empathy in readers*

6. Content may provide information about ways in which readers can become involved (e.g. sign a petition, volunteer opportunity, donate to an organization, etc)

7. Author keeps a positive perspective and attitude in story content

*Tips on engaging and sparking empathy in your readers:

1. Make readers feel like they are living vicariously through you by including your personal travel stories and perspective.

2. Make readers feel connected to your topic by relating content to something all people care about or a universal human experience!

3. Make readers feel connected with a specific character(s) (local people) in your story by focusing on one or two characters that are related to the topic. You could include interviews and photographs, and recount stories about the characters.

Let the creativity flow! Enjoy!